Cihan Bağdatlı


I have been doing software development and consultancy for many years. I have several a few companies and startups. I founded Dynasty Network INC. in 2006 the company. I provide consultancy services to corporate companies on project development. I work on E-Commerce, Crypto payment systems and Real Estate.

My fascination with programming began at a young age when I was introduced to the world of computers. As a software developer, my journey in the world of programming has led me to explore the intricacies of three prominent languages: Objective-C, C++, and PHP. With a deep passion for problem-solving and a commitment to creative innovation, I have carved a path that has constantly pushed the boundaries of my technical expertise.I was captivated by their potential to transform ideas into tangible realities.

This realization led me to the vast universe of C++. I spent countless hours honing my C++ skills, mastering concepts like Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and memory management. Through hands-on projects and collaborations, I gained a deep understanding of C++'s power to optimize code and create efficient software solutions.

Seeking to expand my horizons in web development, I turned my attention to PHP. This versatile scripting language allowed me to embark on dynamic web projects, empowering me to create robust, interactive, and highly scalable web applications.With PHP, I discovered the joy of crafting powerful back-end logic, enhancing user experiences, and ensuring the security of web-based systems. From building e-commerce platforms to developing content management systems, PHP became the foundation upon which I built seamless web experiences.

Through countless hours of learning, practice, and hands-on projects, I have cultivated a deep expertise in these languages, fueling my passion for innovation and driving my commitment to excellence as a professional software developer.


php / C++ / OOP 99%
Python / Bash-Shell / Java / Ruby / Swift 90%
PSD / AI / AEX / FW / DW95%



Data mining




Deep Web

Accommodation Systems

Real Estate

Trade FX


Signaling technologies

Touch Security Systems


Project Consulting & Installation Services

We do the establishment of turnkey projects and information systems infrastructure of the companies, the design, transportation and arrangement of the system room with our expert teams.

Software Development

Special software suitable for your needs, solutions in database creation steps.


Corporate strategy analysis from digital marketing and brand building steps

IT Support and Maintenance Services

We provide expert information technology support for your business.

Information Security Services

You need tools for your business to defend your system against information security and dangerous attacks that may be brought by external factors.

Virtualization Solutions

With the developing technology, virtualization solutions have developed and become widespread in order to provide maximum benefit from computer & server components.

Server Datacenter Services

Reduce your costs by renting a professional server. Take advantage of special support opportunities.

Backup Solutions

We emphasize the importance of backup systems in order to ensure the continuity of information security, in case of disaster or not to be damaged by software & hardware problems, to prevent your work from being disrupted.

Crypto & Online Payment Solutions

Have the opportunity to get from any point on the crypto or e-commerce site with online payment systems and connections to banks.

Structured Cabling Solutions

We design network systems that can exchange data at high speeds.

Wireless Network Solutions

In addition to medium and large businesses, wireless internet access is available to large areas, especially cafes, hotels, business centers and shopping centers.


Always keep an eye on your business, watch 24/7 online secure areas with CCTV monitoring systems specific to your projects.


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